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It's about the children

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In the debate about how to fix public school education, it's easy to lose sight of what's important. Both sides quote various statistics and solutions and everyone digs in for a fight, in the end, it's our childrens lives that are at stake.

CEF offers a unique opportunity for low-income families to attend

These results speak for themselves

98% of CEF supported Catholic school students go on to graduate from high school and attend college. These figures speak about the amazing results that these students achieve in a safe and caring environment.

Support a Child's Educational Dream

Recipients of tuition assistance have significant financial need. Often, these families have to rely on financial assistance to afford the rising costs of tuition to avoid the pitfalls that many others find in public schools. Thousands of children in the Los Angeles area live at or below the poverty level making tuition payments at a Catholic school far beyond their reach.

Sponsor a Child Today!

Choose your level of support. Helping a child achieve academic success in a Catholic school is now easier than ever. We offer various giving options that fit your comfort level. Monthly giving is an incredibly convenient way to give. Your monthly contribution of $67 dollars will provide an elementary student with a tuition scholarship that will make a difference in the child's life. The Adopt a Student program is not a handout, the family of the child must do their part to cover the remaining balance through service, volunteer work or an arranged monthly contribution.

CEF scholarship recipients learn to give back.

CEF graduates are educated on the importance of giving back to their community and encouraged to begin the process giving back to those that helped them early in their adulthood with manageable increments as they enter the workforce. To further illustrate the point, many grateful recipients start the giving process early in gradeschool with donations of one dollar.